95 games submitted in Alice Game Jam

Pocket code was used to build 43 games during the competition

The Alice Game Jam took place during the international Computer Science Education Week between 7th and 13th of December 2015, and No One Left Behind project was an official partner of this event.

During the Alice Game Jam were submitted 95 games from countries such us Austria, England, Italy and Spain and 43 of them were built using Pocket Code. Following the rules competition, the pupils from SAFA San Luis and SAFA Úbeda schools submmited four games applied to mathematics.

The SAFA Foundation (Andalucía, Spain) is participating as pilot of the No One Left Behind project. This pilot targets students growing at risk of not reaching their full potential as they come from differentiated collectives.

The organizers of Alice Game Jam have selected a total of 9 finalists programs which includes the game designed by the students from SAFA San Luis school based on correct and incorrect statements.

Congratulations to the winners!