No One Left Behind project abstract has been accepted in iGBL

The abstract submitted by No One Left Behind project partner TU Graz team has been accepted in the forthcoming Irish Conference on Game-Based Learning (iGBL) to be held on 1st and 2nd September 2016 at Trinity College Dublin (TCD). The abstract is for the paper entitled ‘Pocket Code Game Jams challenge traditional classroom teaching and learning through game creation.’  The symposium would include the topics as: pedagogy, educational and social issues, gamification and serious games  and creative issues in game development.

Two rounds of submissions have been closed for discretion. The expansive range of works submitted range from research-based, practitioner-based submissions to proposals for workshops and game demos. The conference includes a mix of academic presentations, practical workshops, digital and non-digital games demos, along with plenty of opportunities to network.

In this year, Derek Robertson, National Adviser for Emerging Technologies and Learning with Scottish Government’s educational agencies will be the keynote speaker. He also has a career in education as a primary school teacher, an ICT staff tutor in a council education department, and a lecturer at the University of Dundee.

So, if you are enthusiastic about games and would like to share your experience or meet like-minded people, then iGBL will be a great event to attend.


About iGBL – The Irish Conference on Game-Based Learning:

The Irish Conference on Game Based Learning (iGBL), formerly Irish Symposium on Game-Based Learning, now in its sixth year, provides a forum for all stakeholders interested in exchanging ideas, projects, and best practice on the use of games and game-based approaches to support motivation, learning, and change. It is a forum for like-minded people ( i.e., students, teachers,  researchers, or companies) to meet and share this enthusiasm for this platform.

  • Research students will have an opportunity to present their work, meet specialists in this field  and obtain feedback on their work.
  • Teachers and other practitioners will have the opportunity to discover new ideas and learn new game-based skills that they can integrate in their teaching.
  • Companies will be able to showcase their products and explain how these can be used in the context of learning and motivation.

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