No One Left Behind helps you learn with games and games jams

We tend to associate games with nothing but fun and entertainment, while work with real learning and knowledge, until we uncovered the educational significance of games and game jams. For example, Alice Game Jam showcases a wonderland with hidden significance of deep learning, where kids can learn while playing games. Not as simplistic as conventional games, those games are educational ones, embedded with the pursuit towards technology and the spirit of entrepreneurship. Being utilized into schools, workplaces and other learning sites, they can help boost students’ desire to learn, explore and excel.

Within the scope of No One Left Behind , The Teachers’ Guide provides  educators with templates to create high quality games for learning with Pocket Code.

It is structured in three steps, Plan, Teach and Improve, which are designed to ease implementation, understand the rational of the template, and facilitate the operational process following Pocket Code Guide. Therefore, during the coordination and engagement with students, teachers can leverage the ¨mechanics and dynamics¨ that Pocket Code provides to transfer the element of fun and entertainment in a pedagogic and academic environment that is traditionally static.

In the No One Left Behind project , Alice Game Jam bridges the gap between gaming-techniques and pedagogy across academic subjects, grades, schools and national boundaries. The concept applied behind the Game Jam is to provide equal learning opportunities to students, the impact of which can go beyond national level.

During the Alice Game Jam, games from different continents were submitted (Europe, Africa, America -north and south-, and Asia) with different game-based initiatives (from games to storytelling narratives).  95 participants of the Alice Game Jam connected a single proposed theme with different games and stories. The 95 project submissions were mainly driven by schools.

Thus, taking Game Jams to classes can also support the development of the children’s social and academic attitudes. Furthermore, the students’ various talents are nurtured by building or enriching personal or collaborative knowledge with other social and cultural perspectives. Therefore, it is safe to say that the Game Jam tool has strong potential to be adapted and taken to classes to support learning and teaching strategies.


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