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No One Left Behind is a partner of the #AliceGameJam!

The No One Left Behind project tackles key challenges in the education sector by using the potential of digital games and game-making among children in order to unlock inclusive gaming creation and experiences. In this context, No One Left Behind is proud to be an official partner of the Alice Game Jame, an event that aims to promote inclusive game-making among children.

The event will be held on 7-13 December in the framework of the Computer Science Education Week under the theme “Alice in Wonderland” in order to invite participants to explore virtually the world of Alice in Wonderland and her friends with Pocket Code and Scratch, two applications that help children to create their own games and interactive stories in an easy way and share them with the world!

How to participate?

The participation will be online and all information needed will be published on the website so stay tuned!


It’s all about Alice in Wonderland! Create your own game and story about her amazing adventures. And don’t forget the White Rabbit, the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter and all the other colourful characters from the book. More details about the theme will be made available before the Jam starts.


You can either take part as a single creator or as a team of up to four people. As a framework to create your game you can use our free “Pocket Code” app or the free web-based Scratch platform by the MIT Media Lab. Further information can be found on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Wall of Fame

All submitted games, stories and animations will be published together on our “Wall of Fame” during and after the game jam. So you will get the chance to share your project with your friends, family, and our community! There also will be a raffle in which all participates who submitted an Alice-themed program have the chance to win great prizes and give-aways.


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No One Left Behind workshops on Pocket Code have started in Austria

The No One Left Behind project has started with “the Pocket Code workshops” in Austria, one of the project’s pilot countries. During a project day held on 3 July 2015, the No One Left Behind project introduced Pocket Code to a class of students aged 14-15 in a secondary school. The students had no prior experience with Pocket Code, but with the help of students form the Technical University of Graz (TUGraz), all participants were able to bring their ideas to life and develop their first mini game!

During the programming the students worked in teams of two or three people in order to share ideas and create games together. The results are a lot of intriguing and exciting games, we share the pictures below!

Find all the pictures of the workshop HERE.

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No One Left Behind participated at the Scratch Conference 2015 #SCRATCHAMS2015

The Scratch Conference 2015 was held in Amsterdam on 12 – 15 August 2015 under the theme “Creative Communities”, those who inspire creativity, enable people to share ideas, skills and discoveries. The conference was attended by teachers, researchers, developers and other members of the worldwide Scratch community.

In this context, the No One Left Behind project presented its creative approach by including gamification principles into school curricula with the help of Pocket Code, a Catrobat application. A poster of the project was presented to describe the main objectives of the project and its upcoming activities.


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Download our paper presented at the HCII 2015!

The paper “Inclusive gaming creation by design in formal learning environments: ‘girly-girls’ user group in No One Left Behind” was presented by the No One Left Behind partners, in the context of “Women in DUXU” track, at the 17th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (HCII 2015). The overall aim of the presentation is to discuss key challenges faced in the European education sector, and how  the project tackles these challenges by unlocking inclusive gaming creation and experiences in formal learning situations, underpinning meaningful learning and supporting children to realise their full potential

The 17th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (HCII 2015) was held on 2-7 August in Los Angeles, CA, USA, covering the following thematic areas: “Human-Computer Interaction” and “Human Interface and the Management of Information”.

HCII 2015 was attended by approximately 4.843 individuals from academia, research institutes, industry and governmental agencies from 73 countries attend to the conference. Participants were able to attend to speakers’ conferences, tutorial sessions, over 250 parallel sessions as well as exhibition stands from well know industry players.

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How to enact a responsible approach to H2020 ICT-related research and innovation?

The deployment of ICTs induces pervasive and radical changes in our lives. Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) and Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) both inform and equip the approach to ICT in H202O. DG CONNECT, with the support of the RRI-ICT Forum project, aims to mainstream RRI-SSH in ICT-related projects funded under the programme.

For this purpose, the first RRI-ICT workshop was organised on 8-9 July 2015 in Brussels, Belgium. This event kicked-off the launch of the RRI-SSH approach among ICTrelated H2020 projects while introducing and giving life to the ICT-related RRI-SSH ecosystem, where the No One Left Behind project performed an interactive presentation to describe the project objectives and main activities.

The event was designed to facilitate interaction between participants and their active participation in the discussions, involving them among working groups to consider ideas and share knowledge and experiences.

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