Join #AliceGameJam & design your own video game

The Alice Game Jam will take place during the international Computer Science Education Week between 7th and 13th December 2015. No One Left Behind project is proud to be an official partner of this event that aims to promote inclusive game-making among children. Alice Game Jam is also supported by Catrobat, The Scratch Foundation, The British Library, Oxford University and GameCity.


This online Game Jam is geared  to teenagers and especially girls who want to learn programming in a fun and creative way and let their fantasy run wild. To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Alice in Wonderland the Game Jam event gives them the opportunity to design and create their own Alice-themed game or story with the simple programming-framework Pocket Code or Scratch.

Special tutorials, media-assets about Alice in Wonderland and an online platform allow them to learn coding by themselves  and share their projects with the whole world.

How to be part of it?

The participation will be online and you can either take part as a single creator or as a team of up to four people. As a framework to create your game you can use our free “Pocket Code” app or the free web-based Scratch platform by the MIT Media Lab.

Wall of Fame

All submitted games, stories and animations will be published together on the “Wall of Fame” during and after the game jam. So the participants will get the chance to share their projects with all the community.

All information needed is published on this website So stay tuned!


Take the chance to learn how to code and be part of the #AliceGameJam



No One Left Behind Consortium Meeting in Nottingham

The Nottingham Trent University hosted the consortium meeting of No One Left Behind project on 24th and 25th November. The meeting was attended by 18 participants from the 7 partners’ teams to review the latest developments and milestones achieved along this first year of the project, and to agree on the next steps in the project.

The project is currently running through 3 experimental pilots in eight schools involving about 600 students over 9 – 17 years old, across up to 12 subjects, in 3 countries (Austria, Spain and UK)  targeting different perspectives of students at risk of exclusion.

2015-11-24 18.34.20During the meeting our colleagues Nick Shopland, Andy Burton (NTU) and Dominic Martinovs (GameCity) moved to the Sneinton St Stephen’s Church school to conduct a live videoconference with the students in year 6 of Primary School who are using Pocket Code at classroom. Dan Gill coordinated the students with ages between 10-11 to demonstrate how to use Pocket Code on the subject of History.

Also during the meeting we had the opportunity to hear at first hand the teacher´s experiences using Pocket Code with their pupils, such as Lindsay Clark – Deputy Head of Sneinton St Stephens Primary School, Katy Wilkinson – Teacher and IT Co-ordinator and Andrew Crooks Also – Teaching Assistant both from Oakfield School and Sports. The students from these schools participating in the No One Left Behind pilot  are using Pocket Code with very good results.


2015-11-25 13.44.47IMG_4383

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