Paper: Inclusive gaming creation by design in formal learning environments: “girly-girls” user group in No One Left Behind

Authors: María Eugenia Beltrán, Yolanda Ursa,  Anja Petri, Christian Schindler, Wolfgang Slany, Bernadette Spieler, Silvia de los Rios, Maria Fernanda Cabrera-Umpierrez, Maria Teresa Arredondo.

Description: Coupled with the fact that a new generation of youngsters that has never known a world without the internet, social media, and mobile technology is increasing and growing, some alarming statistics related with young people at risk of exclusion and dropping schools remain high. As a reaction, there is an extreme pressure on schools to produce outcomes with an imminent need for social innovation. Hence, the use of Digital Games as part of the formal academic curricula comes as a natural response. Under this context, the European Commission co-funded project “No One Left Behind” aims at unlocking inclusive gaming creation and experiences in formal learning, underpinning meaningful learning and supporting children to realise their full potential.