Children from 8 to 17 years old will be able to program and design games for their classes in academic subjects such as science, maths, history and languages by effectively developing and adapting the learning material themselves.

The No One Left Behind project has setup 3 small scale experimental pilots in Austria, Spain and the United Kingdom reaching over six-hundred pupils from five different schools, targeting different problems that generate risk of exclusion on children.


This pilot targets gender exclusion in teenagers. Currently, Women are overwhelmingly underrepresented in science, technology, engineering and mathematic related fields during their university studies as well as once they enter their professional lives. To address this gender bias, teenagers attending secondary level schools located at the city of Graz are programing and designing games for courses such as physics, languages and computer science. The Schools participating at this experimental pilot are:

Bundesoberstufenrealgymnasium (BORG) Birkfeld. BORG Birkfeld is an upper form of a high school in rural areas. Around 250 students are enrolled in the school. During their high school years all students have to learn two foreign languages; learning English is obligatory. As a second foreign language they can choose between Italian, French or Latin. Furthermore the school offers an in-depth education in the field of instrumental music, art lessons, or information technology depending on the choice of the students.

Graz International Bilingual School – GIBS, is a bilingual (German-English) senior secondary school for students aged 10-18. At present the school comprises more than 590 students and over 50 teaching staff. The rest of the team is made up of the French-, English- and Spanish-speaking co-teachers and the administrative staff. The language of instruction is English in the form of “flexible monolingualism”.

Akademishes Gymnasium Graz is a coeducational grammar school of modern languages situated in the heart of Graz (pedestrian zone) providing also Latin (optional Greek) as regular school subjects. On average there are 24 classes, some 550 students and about 60 teachers.
The school’s main aim is to develop our student’s potential to the full and to help them gro into successful, caring and respectful young people.


This pilot targets students growing at risk of not reaching their full potential as they come from differentiated collectives. Approximately 200 students from primary and secondary level in two schools from SAFA Foundation (Andalucía, Spain) are participating in “No One Left Behind.” These students will be able to design, Code and play Pocket Code games for mathematics, sciences and social studies; having a deep and unique learning experience through game-making based learning, which underpins the students` empowerment and enhancement of meaningful learning.

The SAFA Foundation (in Spanish “Fundación Escuelas Profesionales de la Sagrada Familia”) is a non-profit organisation founded in 1940. The institution integrates a network of 27 schools in Andalucía (Spain) and attends over 20.000 students. The following education centres from the SAFA network will be participating as pilots of the No One Left Behind project:

  • SAFA San Luis. The Education Center SAFA San Luis, historically known as “Colegio San Luis Gonzaga”, is a school, college and vocational institution located in Puerto de Santa Maria, Cadiz, Spain.
  • SAFA Úbeda. The education centre, founded in 1941 by Rafael Villoslada S.J., is a school and college located in Úbeda, Jaén, Spain.

United Kingdom

This pilot targets children with special educational needs and disability from primary and secondary schools located in London. Approximately 200 children with special needs will be able to program and design games for courses such as science, physical education and history. The Schools participating at this experimental pilot are part of the Transform Teaching School Alliance in Nottingham.

Christ the King Catholic Voluntary Academy is a purpose built Catholic Secondary School, opened 1971. The school is a mixed 11-18 Catholic Comprehensive in the North East of Nottingham.  The school’s mission is to provide the best experience in a living faith community and the fundamental aim of the school is to create a Christian, Learning community concerned with the Christian formation and guidance of all of its members. The school develops and maintains an environment where discipline and hard work are demanded at all levels, where individuals are cared for and where expectations are high. The curriculum reflects a commitment to provide a broad and balanced curriculum which develops progressively, is appropriate to individual needs and encourages all students to develop their talents

We expect that these experimental pilots provide further insights and feedback on how to effectively structure and optimize game-making environments for supporting children’s empowerment and meaningful learning.